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topic posted Fri, October 20, 2006 - 4:45 AM by  Myriad
I've got a certain some one who is interested in role playing a scene with myself as the nurse and with himself as the patient. I'm absolutely willing and excited to do this thing but the truth is that role play has not been a large part of my experience and the nurse fantasy has never been my own. I was wondering if any of you had stories or suggestions about nurse/doctor role playing that was particularly pleasant or memorable.

It should be noted that the patient in question is neither masochistic nor highly submissive. If anything he is a tad on the dominant and sadistic side, though not strongly so. This requires a mostly vanilla scene, white chocolate at most.
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    Mon, October 23, 2006 - 10:57 PM
    I've never done medical play, so I can't give specific suggestions, but...

    1) Does HE have any stories he can share, perhaps something he read somewhere? You wouldn't have to do that scene, but it might give you ideas of his headspace.
    2) Ask him, in a light teasing fashion, about "the nurse that put those ideas in his head." Get him to tell a story, or part of a story. At least get a bit of a setup out of him.

    It's possible that there's no particular scene in his mind. He just may get turned on by the uniform and the authority. If so, then you may have to do a little inquiring as to what associations he has with nurses, what experiences he remembers, where his head went in particular situations.

    Maybe it's the look, maybe it's the smells, hard to say what gets him going. :)

    One thing I've wanted to do: Instead of doctor/nurse play, I've wanted to do shrink play. There's nothing physical, necessarily, but the play is getting the "patient" to confess the fantasies that he or she has been too embarrassed to admit.
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      Sat, October 28, 2006 - 6:20 AM
      Oooooh, shrink play.

      If you ever make that a reality I'd LOVE to hear how that goes.
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        Sun, October 29, 2006 - 11:09 PM
        :) Yeah, so would I. :)

        Unfortunately, it probably wouldn't work with either of the two women I have any kind of D/s relationship with. I don't think either one would be into it.

        Maybe someday...

        Feel free to use the idea, though. If you try it, let me know how it goes. Or, if you want to brainstorm such a scene, drop me a line. The scene I envision involves sexual or kinky desires that the one person isn't quite comfortable with, but would secretly like to be "forced" to talk about. However, I could see the scene revolving around something else entirely. Although, at some point, it might shade into an interrogation scene. I've never done one of those, either.
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    Mon, October 30, 2006 - 11:19 AM
    Saturday night met and played with a woman in a nurse costume in the PE Ball in the main dungeon. a group of women were playing on a cross in the main dungeon. saw her and her male friend watching from outside the cyclone fence surrounding that dungeon space, and talked with them and invited them into the dungeon (but not close enough to interfere with the womens scene), to touch and hold a flogger and meet some of my friends who were not sceneing at that moment and she tried the flogger on on my bottom. said she enjoyed it, she asked a lot of questions of me and my friends. as the evening progressed she became the captured nurse, esperiencing japense rope bondage from a friend publically exsposed and touched, then onto the sling for further examination and exsposure as many "inmates" pressed against the cyclone fense for a better view plus the gathering of friends within the dungeon. i asked for a light, a dominatrix friends puppy boy presented me with his little flashlight to iluminate her most privayte places for all to see. the dominatrix patted her doggyboy on his head at her feet, i pulled the bottom zipper of the nursy outfit up then the top zipper down....mmm no panties no bra. mmm we have nipple and pussy!!
    but wait theres more;
    but to be brief it was a group effort (within the dungeon: doms, dominatrixes, subs, couple of "vanillers" male and female,invited in from the audience to assist, the many "inmates" on the other side of the fence. all attention on her . and of course with her male friend at her side. There was a lot of communication and improvisation before and during the scence. makeing a fantasy a reality via roleplay is lots fun. a little mini "production" if u will in the main dungeon "theater". reminded me a little of the rocky horror movie. of course i was the transvestite. they were such a nice couple.
    i had done a number of scenes during that evening doming other trannies, couples ect and that was a grand finally to a great Halloween ball. love Halloweeen!!!!
    im a bi switch so sometimes its me on the bottom being called a slut, my private places exsposed and fondled. Been a sub for many many years, been dom for a few years. Like doing both especially role play which i did a lot of while subbing.
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    Everyone Likes a Naughty Nurse

    Mon, January 14, 2008 - 7:06 PM
    Very personal, never shared, but maybe his will give ideas:

    Once, in a clinical situation, a nurse (or I thought she was) put on her gloves and had me pull down my pants. In typical fashion, she held my balls, had me turn my mouth various directions, and told me to cough. Not yet expecting anything, I did what I was told, and was still flaccid.

    She then said the doctor told her to check something, and had me turn around. She put lubrication on her fingers and put them in my ass. After feeling around a bit, she had me turn around. I was starting to get hard, but not yet. She walked to the other side of the room, changed her gloves, then smiled and looked at me.

    I was still naked. She said, "I just need to double check this," and proceeded to walk over and grab my balls, asking me to cough again. I was hard. She looked me in the eyes and asked, "Do you like that." I said yes. She then asked, "What are you in here for?" I said, "I don't know, they're going to run tests." She asked if it might be contagious. I honestly stated I didn't know.

    She left the room, never to be seen again. I asked around, turned out she wasn't a nurse. I didn't bother telling everything else that happened. Turned out I was healthy. Legally what she was doing would have been child molestation, but I’ve never felt violated, honestly, I've always just wanted her to come back and do more.
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    Mon, June 23, 2008 - 4:06 PM

    Yes sir, I have played this game before and with the right people it is very enjoyable. Although I like the scene where the doctor ties me up to a bench, cuts off my clothing, and uses a speculum on me while I struggle and get gagged. I have been lucky to know of one Dom and one Dom/Domme couple who have all the trimmings to make a girl quiver here in Chicago. I will admit however that I would like a white room, with stirrups and a nasty vacuum apparatus to suck my breasts. OH well - I did have a great time in Florida for a couple of months! Now it is back to the grind for me! Anybody out ther have a milking machine for titty play?

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